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Buy inderal la online, Inderal order uk

Buy inderal la online, Inderal order uk

Buy inderal la online, Inderal order uk

Custom packages are easily created to suit your needs. Just give me a ring or send an email and we can discuss what you have in mind!

The Mini Shoot

Minis are a great opportunity to have a 'first date' and see if your humans mesh with the photographer (me). Many of my regular clients were at one time mini-shoot customers who connected with the images we created, and now seek me out to capture all their milestones and moments. Minis come and go throughout the year, with traditional themes like the "Littles in the Lights", "Christmas", or "Spring Wildflowers". I also use these little shoots to explore my own creative ideas and inklings, so you might find a "Babies in the Bath" Mini or a "Lazy Sunday" documentary style mini shoot. 

package includes:

• 15 minutes of photography time
• A private online gallery of the best images from your shoot for your viewing
• Your choice of your favorite photo (with the option to purchase more)


The Signature Collection

Most of my clients favor this package. With shoots lasting about an hour, we have time to make everyone comfortable, have fun, and tell the story of your clan. After a quick family portrait, we start to play games and do activities that kids, moms, and dads love. We capture candid moments, genuine affection and get the most genuine and authentic portraits of your kiddos.

package includes:

• About an hour of shoot time
• A private online gallery of the best images from your shoot for your viewing
• Your choice of your favorite 10 photos (with the option to purchase more) 


The Platinum Collection

Perfect for "Day in the Life" documentary sessions, personal branding shoots, and important events like anniversaries and birthdays. This package gives you the freedom to have a photographer behind the camera so you can be in front of it. That could be the story of your growing business, complete with a fresh set of profile pictures/headshots, product photography and some behind the scenes shots of the inner-workings of your biz (clients LOVE to see behind the scenes).  OR it could be the story of how your new baby is surviving his 2 older brothers! We'll capture every detail of his little baby-face, as well as the ever-present danger that the older man-cubs pose to him! :) We'll capture your life in all its glory and insanity -because these crazy times are gone in the blink of an eye, and once they are, they're gone forever. 

package includes:

• About two hours of photography time
• A private gallery of the best images from your shoot for your viewing
• 30+ of the very best and most precious photos from your shoot


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