DIY Photography: Spring Inspiration:

3 places (near-ish to Prosper) that kids enjoy and are also great photo-opps

Spring has sprung. I realized it today as my daughter held a baby bunny from our neighbor’s yard. It was the greatest moment of her 6 year old life. That tiny rabbit in her tiny hands trumped our whole Spring road trip to Sea World!

Since we all know that Spring in Prosper lasts for a sliver of time, let me offer up some ideas for great photo opportunities that this photographer loves.

# 1 Have a wildflower tea party

And if your kid isn’t the picking flowers type, grab a jar and a magnifying glass and go bug hunting! Snag a blanket and a snack and there’s your afternoon! Celina and Prosper and still full of open fields. Almost all of them are densely populated with wildflowers… and bugs! Grab your camera photograph whatever happens. It will be an adventure!

“Puppah” was invited and was dawned with a little collar flare for the occasion!

Let your kiddo help you pack. The tea party aspect was actually all my daughter’s idea. I had just intended to pick flowers. But how much cuter is this little shoot with my daughter’s flair!?!

These wildflowers were all found on a patch of grass and field just outside our neighborhood on Frontier Parkway in Prosper. Nothing special if you’re driving by, but my they had a beautiful assortment of wildflowers.

She was absolutely enthralled with her creation. And so was I.

# 2 Go Strawberry Picking

Pecan Creek Strawberry Farms is just up the road in Pilot Point. Josey absolutely loved “hunting” for strawberries. And momma loved the quaint setting and cute photo-opps.

Get there early to ensure there are strawberries to choose from. The farmers often sell out for the day before 11am.

Her strawberry stash

My mom-goal for this year will be to come home and actually make something yummy out of the strawberries we pick! … that is, if any make it home!

# 3 Cottonwood Art Festival’s Kids Corner

If I could, I’d probably spend all my free time in museums and at art festivals. I just love them! But the Cottonwood art festival has got the greatest kids corner, AND you can bring your dog! Some activities are free, some ask for a nominal fee. Josey jumps for joy every time I tell her that the Cottonwood Art Festival is on again.

This is hanging at Grandpa’s house 🙂
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