Meet Melissa

My photography chops were earned out on the sand dunes of the Arabian desert, where my family lived for 6 years + A former D1 volleyball player (Boomer Sooner!) and mama of the most delightful and tallest kindergartner in town (seriously people think she's 10!) + Teacher by week-day, photographer by weekend; and I wouldn't trade either job for the world + World traveler, 40 countries, 10 years living overseas + Unapologetic cold brew addict and superhero enthusiast + I cannot wait to serve you!


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Your shoot will be mostly unposed and laid back. Yes, I do direct when necessary, but it might be to spell a word on your husbands back or giving eskimo kisses to your munchkin.


Low stress. I'm great with kids and reluctant husbands. Just get em' here and I've got you covered!

Authentic. It's one part nice family photo and 99 parts candid, affectionate, sincere moments shared with your tribe.


Legacy minded. We're not just aiming to capture family at said time and age. Our goal is to capture shots your kids will treasure when THEY are adults.


I love bright colors, backlight, surprise cuddles, single-picture stories, mischief and play.

I think you should go for it!